Know Your Photographers

Pranay Ghosh


Owner &  Photographer

  He puts every efforts and skills to frame you as beautiful as possible. By nature is very calm composed and mature guy with lots of skill and great attitude towards work,  which help him to gel with clients and their fellowmates. He never leave a situation or opportunity to frame you as Natural as possible for better results. 

Rima Bachar


Creative Director & Photographer

 Photography started quite sudden in my life. When I was young I loved standing in my verandah for hours looking down at people, street, fights, barat, procession actually a thousand frames every day. I never thought that will become my profession years later. And now I am professional to capture your best moments.



Pranay's Team

Pranay Ghosh photography are a crew of experience photographers and cinematographers who can help you with the locations, makeup artist , portfolio, Pre wedding, bridal, occasional photography, events, architectural capture, short films and many more.

His team belongs to Kolkata and serves his professional services in Kolkata itself , which is great in celebrating gala wedding. 

Where Is my root?

Bengal Photography Institute

He has completed his first photograhy certificate course from Bengal Photography Institutec under  Sir Sanjoy Bhattacharya. He is one of the most important person in my photography life. 

RMIT University

  The Art of Photography (PHOT) course hosted by Dr. Shane Hulbert under RMIT University on 2016. He qualified with 65% makrs. It is the online ceritificate course under RMIT University.  


His photography exhibited in Gaganendra Silpa Pradarshasala. Kolkata, Nandan, Kolkata, Photography Charchaa Magazine, Camerana Academy,  Nat Geo Your Shot Sesction.